All in Project

Extending our home

We're finally ready to press go on the extension! We bought the house with the aim of putting an extension on the back of the house to improve the kitchen and dining space.

Getting serious in the garden

The back of our house is virtually south facing and I love a bit of sun soaking up during the summer AKA that one week if we're lucky of sunshine. However sitting on the lawn involved delicate positioning as it's on a slope and drinks of course always fell over! Couple this with our desire to somehow deal with the sheer amount of concrete in our garden and we decided to get to grips with some fairly hardcore landscaping.

Before & After - Living Room

This was our first project and we had a significant deadline - Christmas! Not only that but my Mum (who lives in Spain) was coming over for our first Christmas in the house. So as well as transforming the living room we were simultaneously doing up the spare room for her too!