Hello, Expanding Home is myself Sally, and my partner Al...

This is our journey of home renovation from becoming the owners of a semi-detached with dated decor to planning and building our first extension. 

Expect a strong nod to mid-century modern, with some classic design direction, dark walls, texture, comfort, simplicity and plants - I've gone mad for plants! 

Sally x

A Brief History

After many years of renting – some good, some bad, some I wish I’d never had to leave perhaps it was time…

Myself and the Mr have been together for a few years, until the end of 2014 we were renting a fab duplex apartment in a leafy part of the city. It had a ton of original features, sash windows, a huge kitchen diner and a cute little private garden – we had some great parties! But as we were getting a little older and as there were some significant birthdays on the horizon it felt like we needed to crack on if we wanted a place of our own that we could tinker with and improve and most importantly really enjoy.

While we were students we’d both lived in a lot of three storey Victorian terrace houses with narrow dark hallways, downstairs bathrooms. For our first home together we were interested in houses with a bigger footprint and a different layout. Moving to a new part of town meant we could potentially find an Edwardian style house.

Through the very sad loss of a family member I received a little bit of inheritance and when not long after the owner of our rented apartment decided they wanted to sell-up everything aligned for us to get serious about buying our first home.

Here’s what we did next!