Renovation Diaries - part three - weeks 11 to 13

Our completion date of 14 May is about to sail by, but these things are a moveable feast we’ve come to realise. Living through a major renovation is an ‘interesting’ experience, a bit like camping, albeit under a fairly watertight roof but with a LOT of dust. Some major stages reached during these weeks though and our vision is slowly emerging from the dust clouds!

Renovation Diaries - part two - weeks 7 to 10

As our builder Matt said “this is the business part of the project” and if by business he meant billowing clouds of dust, maypoles of acro supports throughout the space and walls like romanesque ruins, then yes, he was spot on! But the progress was epic to see and our new space is starting to take shape…

Inspiration for wet room walls

The extension has started - yay! Then the Beast from the East put it on hold - boo. So while this gives us a little breathing space I'm focusing on decisions about details - it's all a bit daunting so I'm tackling the smallest element first - the new wet room.

Italian style inspiration with all things terrazzo

I absolutely love terrazzo and the love affair started when I spotted a beautiful old floor in a building where I used to work. It's the terrazzo you can see in this image. I've always wanted to find a way to incorporate it into our house and with the impending extension we finally have our moment!

Small bathroom decor and design ideas

We have a small, but I hope perfectly formed, wet room planned as part of the extension (starting next week...!) So I tuned into a really brilliant InstaLive session with Maxine from  WeLoveHome and posed the question - how to make a tiny wet room seem spacious? 

Extending our home

We're finally ready to press go on the extension! We bought the house with the aim of putting an extension on the back of the house to improve the kitchen and dining space.

Getting serious in the garden

The back of our house is virtually south facing and I love a bit of sun soaking up during the summer AKA that one week if we're lucky of sunshine. However sitting on the lawn involved delicate positioning as it's on a slope and drinks of course always fell over! Couple this with our desire to somehow deal with the sheer amount of concrete in our garden and we decided to get to grips with some fairly hardcore landscaping.

Before & After - Living Room

This was our first project and we had a significant deadline - Christmas! Not only that but my Mum (who lives in Spain) was coming over for our first Christmas in the house. So as well as transforming the living room we were simultaneously doing up the spare room for her too!