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From terrazzo to turmoil

From terrazzo to turmoil

In a previous post I was gushing about all things terrazzo but one of the images I posted has caused the proverbial pigeons to become bothered by a cat - specifically a green cat!

Early on in the 'what colour kitchen cabinets shall we go for' conversation myself and Mr Expanding Home settled on anything but white. Then there were many chats about the pros and cons and the finger marking potential of gloss versus matt, but a quick detour around 'hey I like these plywood ones on Pinterest' later and we'd settled on a dark anthracite grey with a matt finish. I blame Play Associates for this green cat business - read on to find out why...

Here it is again - the kitchen that changed all those hours of deliberations before finally (or so we thought) deciding on our matt grey kitchen... I came across this picture while trawling Pinterest for terrazzo examples, so the worktop caught my eye initially but then I started pondering on the cabinets.


So yeah, the cabinets - just look at them, the deepest richest green and well the way they work against the shine of that brass is pretty stunning in my book. This is a project from Play Associates - founded by Rory Macpherson.

So, dust off the Pinterest app and discuss - to green or not to green?


Kate from Mad About The House picked out this simple beauty in a recent post on her blog (which I highly recommend). The Mr is very keen on handleless cabinets (and I'm finding a lot to merit in them too - no handles = one less decision to make) so these simple circular holes fit that brief beautifully.

With the dark grey decision having been made we were definitely, well about 95% certain, that a lighter worktop was the way to go, and that plays out beautifully here too. I do like the olive green of these cabinets, the finish looks very chalky and of course the ping comes from the splashback but I wonder how well they would wear with everyday cooking and hanging out in the kitchen type activities.


One surefire place online for kitchen inspiration is deVOL... The picture above is their Bloomsbury WC1 kitchen. With those touches of brass again, for the handles this time and I think I spy a marble splashback too. I love the white crockery on display - those everyday items that you reach for everyday - why have them tucked away in a cupboard? In my book the matching wall colour is a winning detail too.


This is the Peckham Rye Kitchen by deVOL. Dark green cabinets and brass hardware again, but I love the quirk and playfulness of this arrangement with the picture shelf, feels a tiny bit Parisian - I think the monsieur on the right is involved in that.

As much as deVOL kitchens are utterly gorgeous they do sometimes feel personally a little too grown-up for my vibe and our everyday lives. Still this kitchen is ticking a lot of the shall we go green boxes and it's my favourite shade of green so far - really rich and the light on it is gorgeous.


Here the Mr's desire for handleless is fully fulfilled! I wonder if the closings are the push to open, push to shut type (sure there's a more technical term for that). Marble again working so well here on the splashback and worktop. I love the way natural wood works effortlessly with the green tone of the cabinets. I'd love to see an evening shot showing how the space looks with the lights under the wall cabinets switched on.


More everyday items out on display here from Sustainable Kitchens. The panelling on the cupboards is fab and I prefer this style of handle to the one in the 'Parisian' kitchen above - more industrial and they work in harmony with the wooden drawer too. You can read Sustainable Kitchen's full post here about how the kitchen was designed around this wooden haberdashery cabinet. The only things we have for the kitchen so far are an oven and a hob - not quite so inspirational!


This is the other end of the same kitchen and the simplicity of the white tiles works really well. I also like the two different worktops on the run and the island to tie the whole look and palette together.

So, to round-up - brass and wooden accents contrast and complement really well, simple white tiling brings freshness and clarity and traditional panelling and modern finishes both work well. Jeez - where do you go from there? Couple that with the fact that the kitchen is going into a new space within the extension (so we don't know about levels of lightness and darkness and we're going from a galley style to three-sided) and we have some tough decisions to make! Now, pass my phone, I need to get back into Pinterest!

What do you think about green kitchens? I'd love to know your thoughts. And as for the outcome of that decision, well, watch this space...

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