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Inspiration for wet room walls

Inspiration for wet room walls

The extension has started - yay! Then the Beast from the East put it on hold - boo. So while this gives us a little breathing space I'm focusing on decisions about details - it's all a bit daunting so I'm tackling the smallest element first - the new wet room.

We've now purchased some of the fixtures and fittings and I'm really happy with our decisions. We're going for wall mounted vanity sink unit with matt black tap and a matt black exposed shower. I might have also bought a wall hanging shelving unit, a bin and I have my eye on a carriage style mirror but these are the fun and not so permanent styling bits and bobs. But the tiles - I'm really stuck!

We're looking to maximise the little space we have. This new wet room will be located where the 'wet side' of our current galley kitchen is so making use of the existing water supply and drainage. (We'll go from doing the dishes to lathering up - love it!)

I want the wet room to have some wow but not to feel too mixed up in terms of finishes and that's why the tiles are leaving me wavering all over the place!

Flooring-wise both myself and Mr Expanding Home love the idea of a pebble mosaic to add texture and also for safety (teenage kids and mother in her 70s will be using this space). Something like this...

Our house was built in 1932 and although it's not filled with art deco details we're keen to hark back to this decadent time in design within the new extension. So I've been looking at herringbone, but it feels a little too busy (and the Mr isn't too keen). Then there's lots of great examples I've seen where the tiles are set vertically, sometimes using a metro tile, but none of them felt very 'deco' until I came across this...

 Tiles from  Equipe Ceramicas  

Tiles from Equipe Ceramicas 

Which I love but we need tiles to protect quite a lot of wall area and as beautiful as this pink tile is I don't think it would have quite the same effect from floor to ceiling.

So, I've been exploring a chevron tile - elegant and can be arranged in a range of patterns and layouts. Here are a few examples I really love! Which is your favourite? Alas there's a but underneath the pics...

 Equipe tiles from  Tiles Direct

Equipe tiles from Tiles Direct

Here's the but! Will these gorgeous chevron designs work with our idea for the wet room floor tiles? I'm thinking the flooring tiles - those pebble mosaics - have a rustic feel while the chevron tiling evokes a space that's more polished. I really love the middle pic and the beautiful way the chevron blends directly into the hexagons.

My heart is 99.9% set on this chevron/hexagon arrangement (I'm yet to consult with Mr Expanding Home however) but I doubt my ability to bring together the different vibes of the wall and floor tiles. What would you do? Would a simple white or a marble finish floor tile be a more harmonious option? Please help and share your thoughts and ideas below...

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