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We got the keys to our doer upper

We got the keys to our doer upper

After pinpointing three streets we really wanted to live in, we got on the phone to estate agents asking about properties coming up in the area – we had them on speed dial!

A few months, exhausting numbers of house viewings and many, many phone calls later the universe aligned (AKA one estate agent really wanted us off their backs) and a gorgeous little 1930s semi came up on a dream street and, by a whisker, just within our budget.

We viewed! We loved!

The Mr did some amazing negotiations later that day and after an anxious few hours wait our first offer was accepted – cue a bottle of fizz and picnic in the park nearby.

Now when I say the house was gorgeous what I mean is that you really needed to see past the woodchip. Like serious woodchip – why just woodchip the walls when you can do the ceilings too…  and the patterned carpets, so patterned it took us two weeks to realise there were actually two types of carpet on the stairs.

While the solicitors were doing their thing my Mum came over from Spain to see the house (the estate agent being really fab to accommodate us). Her first bit of feedback was “you have yourselves a real gardener's garden.” Now I’ve never lived anywhere with anything like a decent garden and the sheer size of ours and therefore the work involved in maintaining and updating it hit me. But more about our adventures in landscaping and tending the overgrown beauty in another post.

For now, feast your eyes on the décor we inherited – behold – woodchip, pastel walls, floral carpets...


The estate agent's particulars didn't include any shots of the kitchen, and when we went to view we found out why!

Before & After - Living Room

Before & After - Living Room